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8 Nov 2014   -   Entoure Cycle for Life Group
Entoure- Cycle for Life - A Children's Charity Initiative
check in to Bucks Barn for there Lunch catering for 50 athletes.

The Humour Foundation is a national charity who’s primary goal is to deliver the health benefits of humour. The core project is the Clown Doctors, bringing support, fun and laughter to sick children in hospital. International research has found laughter to have both physiological and psychological benefits to health and wellbeing.
There are currently 55 Clown Doctors operating in 20 Hospitals around Australia who touch the lives of more than 135,000 people. All are highly skilled professional performers trained by the Humour Foundation  to work in the hospital system. The Foundation provides ongoing support and professional development to ensure the Clown Doctors are well equipped to bring smiles to sick children.

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