Yuzu Natural Crystal Deodorant
Yuzu Natural Crystal Deodorant  chillingham bushtucker

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Yuzu Natural Crystal Deodorant
NATURAL CRYSTAL DEODORANT - with Natural Perfumes - Finger Lime, Yuzu Fruit and Plain
The human body has 2,5000,000 sweat glands and produces at least half a litre of sweat per day. It is not actually our perspiration that smells, but BO (Body Odur) which is created when sweat mixes with the bacteria that lives on our body.
Recently Chennel 9's TV show "What's Good For You" conducted a 'before' and 'after' test with footballers to determine which was the most effective way to combat BO. They tested Crystal Deodorant, a home made treatment, a commercial anti-perspirant and a commercial deodorant. They applied the deodorants before a game of football and tested them when the game was finished. Out of all the deodorants the CRYSTAL DEODORANT was found to be the most effective and won easily.

The crystals are formed over thousands of years by the action of ascending waters on pure natural salts. These crystalline forms have been an important trade item since the fifteen century.

Our Crystal Deodorant Roll Ons are avaliable in two convenient sizes - 100g and traveller's size 50g.

Ideal for sensitive skin -  no preservatives - no harmful aluminium - kills odour bacteria - does not stain clothing and does not clog pores.
Simple to use - just moisten crystal with water and apply to skin. After use, rinse crystal, dry it and stand on towel or paper to absorb excess moisture.

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