Herbal Neem Tea
 Herbal Neem Tea Finger Limes

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Herbal Neem Tea
Contains: Sundried Australian grown Neem Leaf only.

Instructions: Use 5-6 flakes (1/4 teaspoon) per cup. Allow to seep 3-5 minutes. Tastes like strong Jasmine Tea. Can be sweetened to taste. One to Two cups per day.

Information: "Neem the Ultimate Herb" states 'Neem is the basis of the Ancient Ayurveda Medicine (Natural Healing). Neem has a wide range of proven properties - antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antipyretic (fever)'. The curative & preventative properties of Neem Leaf Tea are the subject of technical, chemical, therapeutic, pharmacological & medical reports published in many scientific publications in many parts of the world.
These articles emphasise that Neem Leaf Tea may prevent or assist in the cure of the following complaints, however, if you have a serious of recurring illness, please see a competent Natural Health Practitioner or Doctor.

Suggested uses:
Headache: Neem Leaf Tea is recommended for the relief of both minor & migraine headaches.
Sore Throats, Colds, Influenza: May be caused by either viral or bacterial infections. The compound in Neem Leaf Tea affects both types of infection.
Arthritis & Rheumatism: The long history of using Neem Leaf Tea, Bark & Seed extracts to relieve inflamed joints is borne out by recent scientific investigations. Traditionally, the treatment for Arthritis is a mild Neem Leaf Tea coupled with rubbing a warm Neem based cream on the stiff or painful areas.
Diabetes: Drinking a cup of Neem Leaf Tea twice per day may significantly reduce the need for insulin.
Eczema: Mild Neem Leaf Tea twice a day may help relieve the symptoms.
Other common complaints which technical publications indicate may respond to Neem Leaf Tea are: fevers - herpes - food poisoning - shingles - thrush - dandruff - high blood pressure - lowering of cholesterol - kidney problems - malaria.

Over thousands of years, Neem Leaf Tea has been used by hundreds of millions of people and no hazards have been documented at normal dosages. Only at extreme high levels may Neem be toxic to adults, this can be true of any taken internally.

Does NOT contain any additives, chemicals or caffeine.
Important If you are on any medications please seek advice from practitioner and your Doctor before taking Neem Tea (It is a blood purifier) may affect medication absorption.

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