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Buck’s Native Bush Tucker Garden is beautifully maintained, easy to walk through plantation. You are welcome to wonder through the 8 aisles of 50 sign posted plants with much more to discover ....there is always something in season and plenty to learn!


Experience Buck’s Unique Place for yourself -Explore Learn and Try?


Buck's exotic and amazing fruit farm takes you on a personal tour of the farm where you can see, touch and smell some of the most amazing native fruit trees.

The garden is full of native plants and a number of exotic fruit trees that are local to the Tweed Valley area, Chillingham NSW Australia. Buck’s greatest story is the Native Finger Lime discovery his shrubs can produce fruit twelve months of the year this plant has evolved right on the property and as a result it is thriving in its truly natural, at home environment.

Gerard has developed something truly special and unique which he says about his Finger Lime this is why Buck wants to share it with everyone because it is so unusual, if you get the chance to talk with Gerard (‘Buck’) he has a great passion for his farm and what he has created. Buck is more then happy to share his stories and knowledge with you.


Native Davidson Plums, Finger Limes, Neem, Yuzu just to name a few that are all bursting out of the rich red volcanic soil  (chemical free), Fruit freshly picked daily and can be purchased in Buck’s shop ‘The Banana Cabana’ been established for over 35 years.

Products from the Neem, Lemon Myrtle trees and Buck’s exclusive cosmetic range, made from his very own produce Yuzu, Finger Limes, Buddhas Hands, and Kaffir Lime Fruit can also be purchased. Chemical free and 100% Natural



Grown Chemical free - HACCP certified at highest level

Some of the crops are produced for commercial sale please contact for more information:

O2 66 791022