A place for people to come to be educated first hand


With Buck’s evolving ideas, driven by his passion in agriculture and healthy eating, he wanted a place for people to come to be educated first hand. Over the years he has learned through experimentation and scientific studies that his broad range of farm produce have many health benefits.

After learning about the natural medicines that come from what he grows, Buck decided to create his very own cosmetic range. This is based on the natural richness that comes from his Native Finger Lime, the Yuzu Fruit, Buddha’s Hand Fruit and Kaffir Lime Fruit. When Coach Tour groups book in to spend time in Buck’s Barn, Buck happily shares his knowledge about the health benefits of his produce and provides samples of his cosmetics.


Buck also speaks about his most favourite wonder medicines – Neem and Turmeric. Both these highly recommended food sources are able to be purchased in Buck’s Farm shop. The range includes neem seed oil, neem leaf extract, neem tree oil, neem toothpaste, neem eczema soap, neem psoriasis soap, neem shampoo and conditioner, neem moisturiser, neem body lotion, neem tea, neem capsules and turmeric capsules.

Another passion of Buck’s is the local wildlife. The barn has the platypus, turtle, goanna and carpet snake carved out in three poles that help support the barn’s foundations. Buck makes people aware of the health qualities gained from bush foods including Lemon Myrtle. He provides an opportunity for people to smell the fresh leaf as well as products such as Lemon Myrtle soap that is also on offer at the Farm Shop.

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