Buddha’s Hand Shampoo


This exotic fruit is one of the oldest known citrus fruits and is grown on our farm at Chillingham. It is often given as an offering in Buddhist temples as the long fingers symbolise to Buddha the act of prayer. In China it represents happiness and in Japan it is believed to bestow good fortune on a household. It is very aromatic and will fill the room with a lovely citrus scent. Due to this refreshing scent and the fact that it is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants we have made our own natural Buddha’s Hand Product Range. The fruit is also used for cooking. Just cut off the fingers, slice and/or grate over salads or add to any food to give it a light citrus flavour.

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Only the best natural ingredients have been used in our Buddha’s Hand Shampoo – natural – no chemicals – SLS Free – no animal products.

It is refreshing and gentle on hair. Your hair and scalp will feel clean and revitalised. It is suitable for all the family including young ones.

Buddha’s Hand Shampoo is an all natural product that is pH balanced. It softens and refreshes your hair.

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Weight 275 g


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