Fresh Finger Limes (500g) PLEASE PHONE BEFORE placing an order.


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100% Natural Farm fresh Grown native to Bucks Farm.

Great used with seafood like fish and oysters. Gin and Tonic drinks, sushi, ice cream, on fresh Salads, perfect on Tarts and sorbet.


Traditionally flower in late spring and fruit from February to end of May.
Bucks own finger limes variety has one more unique asset, it fruits year round, right 12 months of the year.

Best Quilty full lime bursts in your mouth also kids love them. The ideas are endless

Out of stock


High in the nutrient vitamin C which helps increase immune support, protecting the body during the cold and flu season particularly upper respiratory infections, eating the caviar like beads are very beneficial.

Known to also help with free radical damage and anti aging process,assist collagen keeping wrinkles at bay.

Finger limes also are full of a powerful antioxidant, vitamin A which is known to help boost eye health and vision,protecting against the damaging free radicals that can cause eye diseases and loss of vision.

Vitamin E is also found in finger limes so just like vitamin C and A has so many benefits for skin and body, powerful antioxidant help reduce free radical damage and slow aging process of the cells.

So with knowing how good finger limes are for you. Start your finger lime journey with us and see and feel the benefits.

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Important notice: Please call the farm before placing an order from fresh produce for confirmation that it is available thank you

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