Neem Pet Dog & Kennel Wash


Our Dog and Kennel Wash comes from the finest 100% Pure Neem Seed Oil. It is cold pressed with no additives or extractions and has a wetting agent that is vegetable based.

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Neem Seed Oil contains many essential amino and fatty acids as well as Vitamin E which is good for the skin and coat of pets.

Our Dog and Kennel Wash is a natural product and is non toxic to humans, animals, birds and bees.


As a PET WASH it can be diluted 5-10mL to 1 Litre water and used in the wash or better still, as the final rinse. It can be diluted even further. ie 5mL to 2 Litres for long haired dogs.

Or it can be used straight onto various areas where there are problems such as SORES, SCRATCHES, OPEN WOUNDS or INFECTED AREAS where INSECTS ATTACK eg EARS where TICKS GATHER.

As it is an antiseptic and natural product, it is advisable to clean out kennels with this wash at a ratio of 5-10mL to 1 Litre of water.

Use it to spray the whole yard, as well as plants and trees as a precaution against flees and ticks. You will find it brilliant for your plants and shrubs also.

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