Neem Seed Oil (20mL)


Our Neem Seed oil is 100% pure with no extracts and no additives. Neem seed oil contains Vitamin E and other essential amino acids. The oil is an excellent moisturiser that contains compounds with historical and scientific validity as medicinal but has been limited by its bitter flavour and sulphur/garlic smell. (John Conrick – Neem, the Ultimate Herb – USA 1994)


Suggested uses:
Eczema: Try applying daily on dry and affected areas
Scarring: Try applying daily – can be broken down 50:50 with castor or macadamia oil.
Sun Spots: Try applying just a smear on affected areas daily.
Ringworm and Fungal Disease: Clean and dry affected area thoroughly. Apply 2-3 times daily and for 2 weeks after symptoms disappear to avoid recurrence.
Bites and Scratches: Ants, blue bottle, stings. Apply to affected area for immediate relief.

Head Lice: Apply 10-15mL and rub into hair. Leave for 30 minutes – 1 hour and rinse out. For best results wash out with Neem Rich Intensive Shampoo Bar. Use a fine head lice comb to clean out dead head lice and eggs.

Spray For Plants: Needs to be broken down to 1 part Neem to 100 parts water plus approx. 15 parts wetting agent (eg detergent). Use a fine spray. Neem works by affecting the insects growth hormones and prevents them from developing into adults and multiplying. It is non toxic to humans, animals, mammals, birds and bees.

Spray For Horses/Cattle:  A few drops can be added to their wash or as a final rinse. You can make up a spray bottle 1 part Neem and 100 parts water and apply daily for best results.

Our Neem Seed Oil is cold pressed, certified Organic and is 100% Pure. It has no additives and there have been no extractions. It contains no foreign matter or contaminates. Natural Neem oil tends to thicken and/or solidify when the temperature decreases to 19 oC and below. The fact that this has happened does not interfere in any way with the quality of the oil and we recommend that you immerse the container in warm water until it is completely liquefied. When the temperature reverts to 20 oC plus, the oil will start to liquefy of its own accord this will not affect the quality. Please store in cool place. Do not refrigerate or expose to direct sunlight.

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