Visit Banana Cabana (the farm shop) for all sorts of goodies


Buck’s Farm shop was once a table on the lawn beside the main dirt road. This table mainly provided people with fresh Cavandish and passionfruit. It then became a road side stall known as ‘Banana Cabana’. Over the years as Buck diversified, he needed more space to provide people with his fresh produce, as well as fruit from around the area.

When in season the farm shop houses Buck’s very own produce. This includes the original Bowen or Kensington Pride mangoes, Avocadoes and Bananas. Buck also sells the rare Kukai Thai Banana that he planted many years ago.


The rich, red volcanic soil also allows Buck to grow and sell a huge variety of fresh citrus. This includes bergamots, calamondins, seedless mandarins, Tahitian limes and lemons. Also the exotic Asian and bush tucker citrus– Yuzu, Sudachi, Buddha’s Hand, Finger Limes, and Kaffir Limes.

The shop’s renowned Frozen Chocolate Coated Bananas and Pure Honey is another of Buck’s farm specialties.

Locally made and sourced jams, chutneys, sauces and dressings are available as well as Byron Bay Rainforest Food Bush Food Products. These include Macadamia and Cocao Spread, Finger Lime marmalade, Lilly Pilly jam, Lemon Myrtle Honey and a range of Macadamia Nuts.

Freshly baked pies, sausage rolls and spinach and fetta rolls are available. Cold drinks including the refreshing Lemon Myrtle and Ginger are a favourite, as well as freshly ground local caldera coffee.

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