Buck’s Foot Rescue


Foot scrub for beaut toes and feet

Dry or damaged skin?
Cracked heels?
Skin need invigorating?


Our gentle Exfoliating Cream removes dead and dry skin and then replenishes, leaving the skin refreshed and smooth.

Embarrassed by your dry and cracked heels?
Then try our new scrub with pumice and Neem.
The pumice gets rid of dead skin on ugly cracked heels while the Crystals & Peppermint oil will cleanse and help rid the feet of smelly bacteria.
The macadamia and Almond Oil cream leaves the feet feeling smooth and refreshed.

Apply liberally, massage well into the skin and simply wash off.

As a follow up sprinkle shoes and feet with Neem Foot Powder so as to help keep smelly bacteria and odours at bay.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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