Yuzu Fruit Freeze Dried Powder (50g)


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Made from yuzu fruit grown on the farm, rich red volcanic soil HACCP ✔️ approved.
local and Australian

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Yuzu powder has a very intense flavour use to flavour drinks, sorbet, macaroons, custards, jelly, soups, seafood dishes, suitable flavour addition for vegan and vegetarian. The use is endless create your own dishes have fun with it!
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Out of stock


Yuzu freeze dried powder is the best way to keep the 100% pure pulp and zest available all your round.
A sour tart and very fragrant citrus zest is mainly used to accent cooked vegetables, hot pots, fish, custards, try in Sorbet and also Miso and Vinegars. Homemade mayonnaise and also over salmon and super foods.

This will excite your mind – Tingle your taste buds!

100% pure fruit (pulp and zest) Natural Aromatic and full Yuzu flavour, amazing floral notes are present and flavour slightly tart – The freeze drying is a method of drying food without destroying its physical structure.
HACCP  ✔️ approved grown and produced.

Yuzu fruit originated in China and introduced to Japan. Japanese farmed the fruit for the purpose of culinary uses, bathing and medicinal.

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