Rosemary Fresh Herb 10g


Fresh Rosemary Herb from farm to fork.
use fresh or dried its up to you.
so many wonderful uses.
Chemical free 100% Australian grown


A rich source of antioxidants and anti-Inflammatory. Thought to boost the immune system and improve blood circulation, improve memory performance and quality.
Added as a lovely addition in a sleep pillow, rosemary can help you have vivid dreams.

Cooking with Rosemary:

rinse the stems under cold running water and pat dry.
most recipes will use whole leaves, which are easily removed from the stem or whole stems can be used in dishes.
A nice addition to stews and meat dishes, especially lamb, pork and chicken.
can be added to bread or biscuit dough, where the flavour will infuse during cooking.


Fresh Rosemary will keep for 1 week in the refrigerator. Dried rosemary should be stored in a air tight container away from heat or moisture. When stored correctly dried rosemary will hold its own flavour for up to six months.

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Weight .12 g


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